You don’t have to
do everything yourself.

Businesses are about people. Get help from people who believe in what you want to do – and are just as passionate as you are. You won’t necessarily be excited about every aspect of running a business, but we can be Your Operations Resource™ and handle those essential details.

Chief Operating Officer

1. [aka] COO 2. person responsible for managing all hands-on operational aspects of a company 3. person to ensure operating efficiency

"Sasha brings grace and Southern charm to our New York team! She has been managing my calendars and keeping projects moving with the attention to detail and fast pace my industries and New Yorkers demand. More importantly she pro-actively anticipates needs for myself and those trying to get on my calendar. Sasha is a MAJOR part of my team and instrumental in achieving the success each of my offices strive for."

Amilya Antonetti
AMA Productions

"As a coach, I encourage clients to focus their time and energy on what they do best. The same advice applies for my own business as well and Sasha Crabtrey and [Remote COO] help me walk the talk. Various administrative projects were draining my time and energy, leaving me frustrated rather than fulfilled. Now I simply hand these over to Sasha and they are done! Her support frees me to do what I do best. Add Sasha to your team and you will find your energy level, and business, reaching higher heights."

Barbara Stewart
Accelus Partners